A Short Story: running free

 Harper looked out over the glowing sky, shining like bright orange sorbet in the morning light. The quietness and occasional chirping of birds was calming and made her feel safe.

But today, she had bigger and better things on her mind. Harper was going to leave the small town she loved so dearly and move to the city. Her best friend Beatrice had won her over with her, “come on Harpy, it’ll be great”, and, “nothing ever happens in the middle of nowhere, you have to leave that place so you can spread your wings”. At first, Harper had been hesitant. Having just finished high school, she was used to the small community she had grown up in, and where her family owned a small farm on the outskirts of town. However, Beatrice had been persistent, and had eventually persuaded Harper to move out.

They planned to find a small apartment and work at a nearby restaurant, where Beatrice was already working. They both had dreams and of more education and a successful career. As Harper gathered her belongings together and headed out onto the front porch, her father hugged her. “Take care of yourself, and don’t forget about home”, he said gruffly. Harper smiled and promised she wouldn’t. She then quickly jumped into her little car and sped away.

Several months had went by. Harper was alone in her room when a feeling that had been in the pit of her stomach since she left came boiling to the surface. She felt caged in. Like an animal caught in a trap. Ever since moving, she had been nervous. She never felt comfortable, and she couldn’t remember the last time she had seen a sunrise. Don’t forget about home… home…home…

Her father’s word kept coming back to her. Haunting her, reminding her. As she pushed through the days, everything kept closing in around her. Was this really what she wanted? This is what Beatrice said was the thing to do. Harper knew this was the way to be successful, to get an education and then get a good job. But why did she feel like this? So lost. So forlorn? Don’t forget about home… home…home…

Beatrice noticed it too. “Harpy, what’s wrong? You aren’t the same. You seem sad”.

“It’s nothing”, Harper reassured her, “just missing home, that’s all”.

“Well maybe you should go home this weekend and see your parents, might be nice”, Beatrice advised.

Harper’s heart started pounding in excitement as she thought of going back. To the wide open spaces, and the quiet beauty. Yes, she would go for a visit, or maybe she would just stay there… for good. It’s where she belonged.

Follow what your heart tells you… that’s what Harper did.

HTS Part 3/10: How to Relax 

I was thinking today about how we relax. I don’t know about you but when I think about relaxing I think about a hammock and birds chirping, and an empty day ahead of me. But is that really what relaxing is? I can hardly imagine that with so many different people out there that this is all what we would want to do. 

Okay, so then how to do we relax? Well, the more I live the more I realize relaxing is a STATE OF MIND. And whatever bring you to that ideal state is what is relaxing for you. I know as much as you do that if you are laying in a hammock and all you can think about is something that went wrong the day before, you probably aren’t overly relaxed. 

So how do you achieve this state? Well, I’m no expert but I can say that it does have to do with self love. I often “take myself too seriously”. I beat myself up about things that I did and think that I should have done.  If I can’t learn to get over myself then I’ll never learn to relax! 

Bottom line: life goes on, you are awesome, and you need to take the time to relax (mentally). It may not be by laying in a hammock, it may be by going for a run or cooking a delicious meal; whatever it is, do it! It’ll be good. 

Saturday Night Contemplation //who are you?

Through it all, stay true to you. Stay true to your values, your beliefs and your people. Don’t let others deter you or embarrass you. 

Sometimes I find it hard to stand up for myself; but doing this is good. It helps us confirm to ourselves what we value, and lets others know who we are. 

Be proud of who you are and don’t hide it. It’s a bright shining glimpse of the real you and it’s worth it. 

– not poetically written but it’s straight from the heart, and sometimes… that’s more important. 

HTS Part 2/10: HOW-TO care about YOU

Friends! So this next How-To post is much different than the last one (and hopefully more interesting too). Instead of explaining how to do something, I’m going to give some advice (yikes). One thing that I frequently seem to neglect in my life is caring about myself. My personality is such that I often go out of my way to make sure other people are looked after first. This can be emotionally draining and it is always important to learn how to care about yourself too. Keep reading to learn more!

Don’t assume

Assuming is probably the easiest way to forget about taking care of yourself. By assuming, I mean fretting and worrying about something bad that might happen, when in reality, what you are thinking might happen is false. It’s not an easy thing to turn “off” your thoughts, but it is definitely a good practice to try and have a positive outlook about the future. That leaves more time to focus on today.

Skip the screen

Maybe it’s just me but screens are draining, and addicting. It’s easy to forget about life when you have a distraction, but it’s really important to have quiet time and recharge. Don’t let screens rob your free time! As well, a lot of the media out there isn’t very positive, or it sends out messages that make the average person feel inadequate, when really, the thought is unrealistic.

Time for YOU

I’ve eluded to this already but seriously, I’m not kidding! Don’t feel guilty if you need some time to yourself. I realize that’s not always an easy thing to do; but it’s worth it. 

Pep talk

This item is something I find helpful (and I’m hoping it doesn’t make me crazy). It seems to be beneficial to give myself a pep talk every now and then. I’m not sure why it helps but I do wonder if it stops me from taking myself too seriously. Relax! It helps in so many ways. 


Lastly, I want you to take away this important part. Remember to take care of yourself! And remember that you are a unique person who can’t be fit into someone else’s mould. As I often say, it would be boring if we were all the same. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Again, taking the time to care for yourself (mentally) is as important as caring for yourself physically. Don’t forget it and don’t feel guilty about it!  


Hey people! So I had a brainwave (yay) and have decided to put together the HOW-TO SERIES. This is a 10 part series where I attempt to give you insightful advice on random topics. I have a few topics in mind already (on things I already have some knowledge about) but would love some input! Throw them at me! What would you like to know more about? Within reason of course, I’m not a mathematician or a brain surgeon. 

Stay tuned for The HOW-TO Series part 1: How to Garden With Green Stuff.