Switzerland: the beauty


Did you know that we don’t have to destroy nature to live in it? The outstanding beauty of Switzerland is a prime example of the possibility of harmony between nature and development. The rugged landscape has limitations on where development can happen, but the unique character of the landscape has not been ruined, rather celebrated.


In such a small country, there are a variety of fabrics that run through the country. The rugged countryside, dotted with small, preserved farms are incredible in their own right. These operations run on the side of steep slopes, and new buildings blend with the historic architecture of the land. The cities are condensed. They save space and create an intimate, colourful atmosphere.


I learned a lot and was inspired by the design of their cities. As I live in a country where new development is always happening, and where physical space is plenty, the way we develop our urban spaces isn’t quite the same. Maybe new isn’t necessarily better, and if we could apply some of the principles of old European city planning and architecture, more farmland could be preserved and the natural beauty of Canada could be preserved, while the urban fabric could become a more accessible, intimate experience.



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