HTS: Part 8 \\ Enjoy the Moment

Setting goals is good, right? Looking to the future, definitely smart. But what about right now? I often overlook the present, and quickly push it to the past. As a really exciting experience looms ahead of me… I'm trying to enjoy right now. But how?

Step 1} Be proud of what you have accomplished. Stop for a second and think about all of the amazing things you have done in your life and the moments that you truly were happy.

Step 2} Now think about the daily tasks that you enjoy; the routine that feels safe. Being able to find the a sense of accomplishment in your daily routine goes a long way to enjoying the moment.

Step 3} Finally, think about the things that matter most. The people in your life you love, and the beliefs and values that lie close to your heart. It's with these people and values that you can truly enjoy the moment.

Remember, tomorrow will always be there, but enjoying what you have right now, that's what makes the best memories, and the most happiness.

PS} Stay tuned for some travel blog posts in the near future! 🌎


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