The HTS: Part 6/10: How to change your perspective 

Photo: Mike Wilson

I’m not sure if this is much of a how to post… more of a rant (fasten your seatbelt a everyone). 

We all have our opinions, and that’s fine! It’s great actually, and it should be celebrated that in Canada, I can have freedom to live how I choose. However, we all have very different  persepctives/values/beliefs. This means my perspective is going to be much different from someone who has led a very different life from mine. So who’s right? 

Trick question! This is where my how to part comes in. I’ve realized that it’s very important to be able to stop and try and change our perspective for a minute. If you don’t understand something, picture it differently. Try and put yourself in “their shoes”. 

It seems like a small thing but if everyone could do this when they were faced with unknown situations, I feel like there would be a lot more understanding and acceptance in this world. 

Try it out! 🌞


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