The HTS: Part 5/10: How to know where you’re going in life…

Okay, so I’ll admit that this is quite the splashy (and somewhat fib-like) title for this article. How on earth do you know where to go next? How can you possibly know where a certain decision will take you in life? Well, unfortunately there’s no way for me to tell you exactly where you might go, but you can definitely set yourself up for the best possible outcome! 

I’ve only just started out in my career and in big life decisions but here is what I’ve figured out so far:

• Optimism is your best friend: having positive thoughts about yourself and about your future is a serious game changer. Your outlook changes how much you care, and your ability from within to believe in yourself. 

• Turn it off. So I’m starting to realize that if you don’t stop what you’re doing and take a break, you will burn out. I know durimg weeks where I don’t set enough down time aside, I get grumpy, stressed out and don’t treat those that I love as I should. 

• Oh, and work hard. Yeah, unfortunately there’s no way around this one. Set those goals and work on them. Putting things off won’t solve anything so moving ahead is a sure fire way of getting where you want to go. 

All in all, you are the only person who can get to where you want to go in life. It takes time, hard work and self love to get there. You can do it!


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