The HTS: Part 4/10// How to be productive when you’re busy

How do you cope with being busy? Some people thrive; they go, go, and go some more. But that’s not everybody. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when we are busy. Our society seems to think that being “busy” is good. But is it really? Think about how you handle being busy, it is really worth it? Below are a few tips on how to deal with being busy. 

• When you get busy priorities become important. Maybe something simple like doing laundry won’t get done. Or maybe the house can be cleaned next week. Either way, if you try to load too much on yourself at one time it will lead to overall unproductivtity. 

• Evaluate all of things you have to do. Can anything be done later (truthfully) or not at all? It’s easy to get too busy with things that don’t really matter. Creating a level of importance will help you work through each task in a linear fashion. 

• Don’t be unessescarily busy because it’s “cool”. Look at all of the items taking up your time and get rid of the ones that aren’t actually things (believe me, I’m sure there are a few). 

• Lastly, plan ahead! Looking forward can help you take on or not take on certain things that suit your schedule. This will help you manage all of the things going on at the same time. 

I know this isn’t everything you could possibly do, but it’s a start! It’s also a reminder that you are only as busy as you decide to be. YOU have the power to change that if you want. Have a happy, productive day!


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