HTS Part 3/10: How to Relax 

I was thinking today about how we relax. I don’t know about you but when I think about relaxing I think about a hammock and birds chirping, and an empty day ahead of me. But is that really what relaxing is? I can hardly imagine that with so many different people out there that this is all what we would want to do. 

Okay, so then how to do we relax? Well, the more I live the more I realize relaxing is a STATE OF MIND. And whatever bring you to that ideal state is what is relaxing for you. I know as much as you do that if you are laying in a hammock and all you can think about is something that went wrong the day before, you probably aren’t overly relaxed. 

So how do you achieve this state? Well, I’m no expert but I can say that it does have to do with self love. I often “take myself too seriously”. I beat myself up about things that I did and think that I should have done.  If I can’t learn to get over myself then I’ll never learn to relax! 

Bottom line: life goes on, you are awesome, and you need to take the time to relax (mentally). It may not be by laying in a hammock, it may be by going for a run or cooking a delicious meal; whatever it is, do it! It’ll be good. 


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