Nature Always Wins & other announcements 

An evening walk tonight revealed more than just lush, green, spring growth. I captured this Sedum ground cover edging its way across someone’s walkway. It hasn’t been “spring” (if I can even call it that) very long and already, I was inspired by budding trees and fresh shoots. 

My Stroll Lesson: We can try and tame our environment but the environment will always be one step (or two) ahead. 

In Landscape Architecture, we spend our time shaping and sculpting outdoor environments. My work revolves mostly around outdoor environments for human use. Okay, so that’s fine. I think I know what’s going on. I learn about all of these different plants and where they like to live. I can say, “let’s put this here” and “I think we should plant that over there”. But really, I can’t actually do anything more than that. 

All in all, we are at the mercy of nature.

Now, look at this picture of green leaves! Aren’t they beautiful? Keep reading…

STAY TUNED in the coming weeks for an article on greenery! I’ll be collaborating with the amazing and talented Cheryl Egger of Ivy Hype, to document and share the importance of greenery in your garden as well as in floral design. It’s not always about the flowers, you we will tell you why. 

–  xoxo, thanks everyone!


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