Wide open sky: wide open heart?

I am always surprised when I find beauty in the most unsuspecting places. This is because most times I feel like I have to do new and uniques things and experience world famous places in order to find beauty. 

Not so. 

Open your eyes, it is always amazing what we can see right in front of us. This photo from the weekend was taken in Lowbanks, Ontario. It’s a hidden shoreline gem that made my day a little brighter, a little more special.

All in all, I think true beauty is in what we see around us everyday. It has so much more value, so much more meaning than a one time experience. 

And most of all, beauty is in the people we spend those moments with. Surround yourself with people you love and beauty will be everywhere! I would like to note that I was able to visit this before-mentioned beach with a special friend, and it was wonderful!

– a beholder of beauty 


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