Musings of the thoughtful: Part 1

I’m usually inspired by the landscape and what I see around me as I move through spaces. However, this week, I’ve been inspired by inward experiences and lessons. 

There are so many different choices, paths, things to do around us and they all pull us (at least me) in different directions. I’ve had to stop myself a few times this week and just say, “okay Rebecca, breath, and reflect. What are my values, who is most important to me and what are my goals?” (Yes, I frequently talk to myself). I’ve found this type of reflection, or I guess meditation, can help me to re-focus, relax and simply, live. 

My life gets really busy, really quickly. Therefore, the lesson for me is that focusing on the most important people and values in your life will cause you to spend time doing things that you love and can bring a sense of fulfilment to each day.  

I’m brainstorming a series of posts along a similar theme to this one. Stay tuned for more information or let me know if there’s anything you’d like to read about! 


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