Acer saccharum, Your Favourite Backyard Tree

With a spring in my step because it’s well, spring, I’d like to shed some light (excuse the pun) on a well known but perhaps overlooked tree. Introducing… the sugar maple! 🍁

The sugar maple is native to Canada and is found for the most part in central and southern Ontario. Here are some reasons why I think you should love the sugar maple:

  1.  It can grow for hundreds of years (who doesn’t want an ancient tree in their backyard?)
  2. The sugar maple will become a SPECTACULAR shade tree.
  3. Their sap is used to make maple syrup. It is rather unfortunate that the ratio of sap to syrup is 40:1 (you need quite a few trees to have enough syrup for pancakes) but it’s the thought that counts… right?
  4. The sugar maple has beautiful fall colours so the last hurrah before winter is truly appreciated.
  5. If none of these other options are intriguing to you… I will give you one more reason why this tree is amazing. Who doesn’t want to know the Latin name for the really nice tree in their backyard? You will definitely impress your friends when you tell them you have an Acer saccharum in your yard!

Next time you are walking down the street, be on the lookout for this tree! With smooth grey bark and yellowish green leaves and five lobes, you might be surprised at how many there are out there!


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