Outside Looking In

On the outside looking in,

Everything always looks so beautiful. 

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s out of reach,

Or maybe because it is, in fact, beautiful. 
Whatever the reason, just don’t forget,

Where you stand is important too,

Because maybe someone’s inside those gates,

Watching you. 

Back to Basics + Happy List

unnamedTake the time to remember the things in life that make you happy. For me, it’s taking the time to slow down and read a good book, paint, or play the piano.

Notice that there isn’t an item in my happy list that sounds like “social media” or “screen time”. Unfortunately, I spend more and more time each day looking at a screen. I don’t think it’s on purpose, but I do believe social media, the internet and devices of all kinds make me “busier” than I really need to be.

I challenge you to spend one evening doing the things on your happy list. It’s the simple things in life that bring the most happiness.

– xoxo, basically



My Favourite is Spring 

Spring is a time when it feels like we have all just woken up out of a deep slumber. I am always intrigued each spring by flowers, and new growth. It never fails to lift my spirits. 
I thought I’d take the opportunity to list my favourite parts of spring and what makes this time of year so special. I encourage everyone to comment and let me know what their favourite thing is about spring!

1. Bulbs. The first crocus peeping through snow, those fresh green shoots. They always make me happy, as they never fail to push through the remaining snow to make their presence known. 

2. Colours. The colours of spring are bright, cheery, light hearted. Pastels, sunlight, and rain. 

3. Bringing spring in. By this I mean fresh flowers (like the ones in the picture above) in a living room put everyone in a better mood. 

4. Smells. What’s this delicious smell you speak of? After a long winter, the smell of earth and grass is welcome. It brings back memories of what’s to come (aka summer). 

5. …you tell me! Let me know what your favourite thing about spring is!
-xoxo, a spring lover

An Inkling of Life 

This terrarium that I created while at a Blooms and Flora workshop with a friend has some valuable life lessons embedded in it.

Here it is:

The desire to live is in all of us. Even these little succulents, they want to live. We placed them in an artificial environment and yet with some inkling of nature they hold on.

Lesson: No matter what is thrown at you, look for signs of life. You can adapt and grow from these experiences. You just may be surprised by what will come of it.
-xoxo, good night everyone